Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My love affair with Fall....

It's true, I' m not going to lie, I am madly, deeply in love with Fall. I haven't been able to pin it down yet to what it exactly is that makes me smile ear to ear, but I am going to try to conglomerate all of the things I adore about it.

I would first like to talk about leaves, not just green leaves, but rustic oranges, bold reds, and sunflower yellow shades of wonder. It lights up the picturesque streets and showers drops of loveliness all over sidewalks.

The aroma of decomposing leaves is one of the most invigorating smells i can imagine. The way the crisp cold air slides down your bronchi and rattles in your chest, is a feeling I long for all year round. The sound of the leaves shivering on the branches as the northern wind aerates between their nearest neighbors, it is music to my ears. The way the wind kisses my cheeks with the color of the most suttle red lipstick.

The tastes and smells of warm apple crisp permeating my nostrils. The way my mother would sing as she baked and sprinkle crumbles of goodness over everything she made. The gorgeous food that covers the farmers markets. The butternut squashes, yams, pumpkins, all such gorgeous shades of orange. The aroma of soup from the local Co-op that satiates my soul with each spoon I heave in my mouth. The pumpkin lattes, the cup of coffee, and the hot chocolates that are the only thing that will conquer our internal shiver and leaves up gleaming after each cup.

And we cannot forget the Fashion. Cath (my mother) likes to call it my mariam the librarian scheme; but I cannot help my love and passion for turtlenecks and cardigans. There is something about the way the turtleneck embraces every crevice of my torso and protects that dangerously naked neck. The way I can run around in tights and BOOTS! I delight in how a hooded sweatshirt can let you remenisce back to old high school football games. Scarves and mittens are allowed to be awakened from their hibernation from boxes packed away in the spring.

Tonight, as I was finishing up my daily 9mile jaunt in Bryan park my favorite park(the baby/dog park as I like to call it). I could hear the leaves creak and crackle under my feet, the wind glided through my chest, as my eyes dashed from side to side trying to take in the beauty and vibrancy that enveloped me. I saw my favorite tree. The tree that if you walk all the way around it, each side has a different color orange, red, and green. It has the same uniqueness and old time splendor of ancient architecture. It shows its plumage to me like a peacock does to its mate. I am awestruck each day I pass it.

Unfortunately, I know that very soon the splendor and vivaciousness of the leaves will pass only left with the brown naked bark. A reminder to me that time scurries on even if I feel like I am running in place. Thus, let us raise our glass to Fall, my hero, my lover, my friend, let it last while it can.....until we meet again.

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