Friday, October 31, 2008

Delicate Flower, I think not?

I think there in times in life were we need to be just straight up honest with ourselves, no beating around the bush and one of those times ladies is when "He's just not that into you." I happened to watch the Sex in the City episode where this phrase originated a couple of weeks ago and at that time had no idea how useful and poignant it would be in my own life. Now to any male closet readers out there stay tuned because I have a lot of advice for you. You see as the story goes I am the usual suspect without a date to every event. This is not to make you feel sorry for me or to pity me. I actually really like going alone because it allows me the opportunity to be for the lack of a better phrase a "social butterfly". It however is my mother who has issues with the absence of a male by my side and her insistence that I be accompanied, which usually leads me to the acquisition of a date. Thus, the selection process of a date begins and believe me this is no easy matter. I have one quality that everyone of my dates must have---They must play well with others-a.k.a have the quality of the "chatsky" and making pleasantries with strangers. Simple, right? Not necessarily.
I have a wedding I am going to in December and in a timely fashion the invitation arrived and my date-o-meter wheels were turning. I selected a date and sent the most charming email of the top 10 reasons this guy should come to this wedding with me, leaving all the disclaimers that should be in invitation. If weddings aren't your thing.....if you are busy......if you are are spending time with your grandma.....I mean several opportunities for him to opt out. I sent this email Monday and today would be Friday and still know reply.
This means either my email is lost in cyberland, he's is deathly ill and can't reach his inbox, or "He's just not that into me". I choose the latter. Let us dissect this. If he would have been interested he would have emailed back that day or at most one day later. Yet, MEN (yes you) I have a few pointers. I still have not received any correspondence from the young gent which in my eyes reflects a lack of tact, couth, and the oh so important class. While I am not the type of woman to wait by cell phone or check my email every 20 secs hoping you will write or leave me a message, I do believe in the courtesy of correspondence . It also is at an advantage to just tell a woman your not interested, because if you try to be coy it will come around and bite you in the bum. You see women have this wonderful quality of talking and before you know it your one time event has turned into hate and discontent from an entire squad of women.
I, on the other hand, find this humorous in a sense, but also a humbling reminder. I will go on my merry way and in the words of Gloria Gaynor I will survive. Yet, I felt it important to share with you all the value of recognizing "He's just not that into you" because it can save both male and female alike the blood, sweat, and tears of trying to decipher mixed messages. Remember, Honesty is the best policy; and contrary to popular belief women are not delicate flowers.

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