Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Making progress

I often am in a quandry about how we define progress. As a medical student my progress is constantly based about how well I do on tests.( I'm not going to lie I might be the finest No. 2 pencil scantron bubbler in the world, so step back). But in all seriousness should we not define our progress based upon the knowledge obtained and our mastering in implementing it. It is only recently that I believe that I truly have made progress in my life. I in my own way have stumbled upon the things that make me tick. For so long I have been concerned about making others happy, being the best, and being everything that I am not and somehow along the way I realized that none of this is progress, but a lousy attempt to prove my value to myself and others. I have realized that my definition of success has drastically changed over the years , and that I no longer will sacrifice my happiness for a society driven ideal of success. Therefore, my first blog is in honor of progress.....The progress I have made within myself (Oprah would probably call it soul searching) over the past years and the realization that the only measure of true success is in our progress. Example A: Technologically illiterate woman turns blogger.....now that my friends is progress.

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Sarah Butler said...

MY HEART IS BURSTING WITH JOY. this is incredible and i cant wait to keep reading and to combine our lives into one joyous bound copy.

you are a gorgeous writer. seriously.