Monday, December 6, 2010

Spirit of the Season

I am a firm believer of listening Christmas music in October. I believe that there is something almost magical about the Holiday season. Yet, I will have to say that ever since the real identity of that man with a bushy beard of snow and a suit of red was revealed to me, it just hasn't been the same. I remember it like yesterday, I was on the school bus and just in a blink of an eye my entire belief in Santa was crushed. Tears streaming down my face, I can vividly see my mother try to do damage control after Santa's true identity had been revealed.

Yet, today as I visited the Fashion Mall, my favorite mall, something superiorly special occurred. To be honest I was watching the dynamics between a 3 year-old boy and his mother who was trying to convince him to stop crying and to sit on Santa Claus's lap. I laughed because I could see myself some 5-10 years in the future doing the same thing. Bribing my child with finger painting or macaroni necklaces for the next month if he would just be quiet for 30 seconds so we can get this one picture for Nana Pasko's mantel.

Yet, I also was taking in the scene. The rich warm colors, the glistening golds, and the happy little elves were like something out of a fairy tale. Then my focus fell on the man with the robust waist and the ruddiest cheeks I have ever seen. He had this authentic red suit embedded with real fur. He was polished and refined. He had boots that were black and shiny and laced up to his mid calf. However, the thing that got me most was how real he was to everything I imagined from my childhood about the Santa Claus. I am sure onlookers thought I was rude as I just stood in the center of the mall watching this poor woman's fiasco play out like cinematography, but then it happened. My eyes met the sparkling blue eyes of Santa and we stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, and then all of the sudden he winked at me. I first looked around to make sure that wink was meant for me, and not some lurking Ms. Claus or some grubby little children. Yet when my gazed returned to the man in red he was laughing so hard, I couldn't help but smile.

It silly really, but this whole incident today reminded me of why I love the season so much- it's magical. Our imagination is free to roam and we believe that anything is possible. Thus, I have vowed to let my creative juices flow, to give with an open heart, and to celebrate as if its the last Christmas I might ever experience. I hope you will do the same. So go be merry and bright-and may all our wishes come true.

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