Tuesday, December 21, 2010

30 before 30

So as many of you know I turned 27 approximately 2 weeks ago. It was monumental as my mother explains that I am closer to 30 than I am to 20, which is absolutely fine with me. I truly am one of those people who think we get better with age, perhaps this is why I love the elderly so much. My biggest beef with people getting older is that people become complacent with the lives they lead. I personally have vowed to make my life an ever evolving masterpiece. Thus I have created the 30 before 30 list full of goals (at times lofty) to achieve before Dec 9th 2014. So follow me as I attempt to accomplish and blog about them all.

30 before 30

1. Write a book- This is a lifelong goal. I believe everyone has a story, whether it is published or not we have a story to share.
2. Fall in Love- Every woman wants this .....she's lying if she tells you otherwise
3. Take painting classes- I dabble in oils, but I want to create Picassos
4. Travel to France- I don't know why but I have this hunger to explore france perhaps its because it is the birthplace of champagne
5. South Africa- I don't know why but I just have this feeling that I need to go here for culture and safari
6. Buy a camera- I don't own a camera and I don't take pictures- I need to capture some memories
7. Make wine- I am constantly in awe of things that are cultivated by hand. I love wine and want to smash grapes.
8. Grow something from seedling without killing it- My mom says plants are like children, thus if I want the babes I should probably be able to keep an orchid alive
9. Write letters/ cards to friends and family telling them how much they mean to me- Letter writing is a lost art and I love all things antiquated
10.Be an activist/fundraiser for a cause
11. Host a five course dinner party from scratch- On my ongoing quest to become a domestic diva
12. Invest my money and save
13. Speak a foreign language fluently- I was a Spanish major, how sad is this....
14. Climb a mountain- It doesn't matter which mountain, just a mountain
15. Eat, drink, and be merry without guilt
16. Run a marathon a year- only requirement is that they are in amazing places!
17. Learn how to change a tire- supposedly a man's job.....bah humbug
18. Complete the entire NY times Sunday crossword
19. Frequent Farmer's markets and buy produce there- I mean I have to have some easy ones on here
20. Join a book club- I love to read. I love to discuss books and how they are relevant to our lives.
21. Live in a city- a real one.....There is something special about a city with its own pulse. It truly is a place that emanates life
22. Learn to swim- That's right I can't swim. Personally I just hate getting my hair wet.
23. Buy someone a Starbucks behind me in the drive-thru- I would do this at a fast food restaurant but I don't eat at them.
24. Give my number to the most gorgeous guy at the bar- I don't know why but it is one of those things I think all women should do. Come on Confidence.
25. Got to the Kentucky Derby and wear and ostentatiously big hat.- this defines me
26. Wear a bikini in public without being self -conscious- I haven't worn a bikini since high school....Embrace my body
27. Go on a vacation to Maine with my parents- Because my parents need to see the lush beauty which is Maine
28. Be able to do the crow pose in Yoga- I don't know why this is so darn hard. .... It requires tons of upper body strength so come on bulging biceps
29. Walk into my favorite store, Anthropologie, and buy something I love without looking at the pricetag
30. Leave footprints of joy and happiness wherever I go- My parents often talk about the legacy we want to leave and the way we want people to remember us....This is what I want to leave- joy and happiness.

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bigsteve52 said...

Jennifer, Like I told your Daddy when you get your book published I want a signed copy please...Dawg