Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Speed Dating

Did you know that it takes 10 seconds to make a first impression? That doesn't even seem like enough time for me to even introduce myself. Yet, much of the American mindset revolves around time and efficiency. Thus, speed dating has taken a role in the busy American's dating life. Perhaps popularized more in larger cities, I of course have searched far and wide and have found a company that caters to the needs of the greater Indianapolis area.

So I would like to start with the disclaimer that speed dating to me was more of a way to meet multiple people at one time. I did not expect to find my new boyfriend, nor did I really expect to get a date. Much of my focus was placed on the experience. Thus, I convinced one of my friends to join me for this little escapade. We arrived to the bar and checked in quickly finding ourselves sitting at the bar with libation in hand. Quite frankly, even the speed daters know alcohol is the ultimate ice breaker. It is nerve racking, 8 mins to convince the person across the table from you that you are worth their time. My friend I began chatting with people around us trying to figure out who was there for the event. When one of the coordinators tapped us on the shoulders, and with a frown of concern on her face said " I have some bad news, only one guy of 6 has shown up." My friend and I laugh so hard we almost were crying. So 7 eligible ladies had 8 min interviews with one lucky guy.

So let me tell you a couple things about the 8 min date, if you make an impression within the first 10 seconds, much of the opinion is based on appearance and the way you carry yourself. Thus, if the guy didn't like brunettes and unruly curly hair I automatically was out. When I approached the table the guy was cute, in a take him home to meet your mother sort of way. The only initial red flag was the bright lavender shirt he was wearing. Now don't get me wrong I know many guys who pull off lavender fabulously, but it is a no no on a first encounter as it gives me question about what side of the field you are playing on. Regardless within 2 mins I could have told you it was not going to work out between me and the speedster. He talked about his astrology sign and physics within that first 2 mins, which is somewhat comical because the only thing worse to me than physics is a broken bone. This therefore ended my speed dating experience.

Yet, this past week I had a flash back to speed dating. I actually was in an interview for residency. There are two types of interviews; one where you talk and one where they talk. Thus this interview was being given by a general surgeon who was somewhat quiet and made poor eye contact, and thus I was trying to entertain myself. I just remember I felt like I was talking to a brick wall about how I loved farmer's markets and the riveting aspects of organic grocery stores, when the man looked up at me and said with all seriousness " Have you ever read the blog "Stuff white people Like." I just busted out laughing and said, " yes, I am very familiar and yes, you have just nailed me to a T." So perhaps it is possible to get to know someone in a short time span. I mean this guy just understood me on a level that many men never will. It was actually pretty phenomenal restoring my faith in the interview system and crushing my skepticism about speed dating forever.

Thus in conclusion I encourage you to satisfy your need for speed. Give it a try. I mean seriously what do you have to lose.

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