Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Nights

So this might surprise many of you as I am the type of person who loves many things about life, but I have no qualms or reservations when I say I detest summer. Perhaps it is a genetic flaw or some bad connection between neurons, but there is nothing I abhor more than being hot, sweaty, and panting like a dog. The air is so thick it is like gasping cotton for air. Not to mention the humidity, which causes my hair to look like a poodle ready for a dog show. Yet another additional factor would be my porcelain like skin that can easily be turned to a cherry tomato hue within 15 mins of UVB exposure. Yet, with all this hate and discontent I have pent up about summer, I have forced myself to find some positive attributes about the season for example flowers, farmer's markets, and summer nights were the only things that came to mind.

There is something absolutely magical about summer nights. The daylight fading in the distance, the cool breeze on your face, and the endless possibilities. I often am taken back to a certain night in Maine 4 years ago. I had just finished this fabulous dinner at my favorite restaurant called Francine's. It was this eclectic yet elegant little place in the town I was working for the summer. I remember I was walking back to the house in the dark of night on the vacant street when it began to rain. There was no one in sight, no cars, just me and the road. I slipped off my black heeled sling-back shoes and just started running. Running in the rain, with only the light of the street lamps guiding my way. I remember thinking about how alive and young I felt at that very moment. How the smell of rain had never smelled crisper, or the matted curls of my head never softer, and my heart beating in my chest never more palpable. The truth is that summer nights have an opiate like affect on my soul. It leaves me wanting more.

Perhaps we never leave the idea that is ingrained in us as school children that summer is a time of fun, laughter, and celebration. We carry with us this vacation mantra, where we are relaxed and free to do what we want with no restrictions. I love looking out amongst my friends as we sit outside in the early hours of the evening with the smell of charred meat permeating the evening air as I see them laughing as they sip upon their summer ales. There is an energy in the atmosphere that is infectious. Yet, more importantly is the opportunity that the evening will bring. The new experiences and spontaneity of the moment are endless expectations of the season. Then like a light switch summer is turned off and we are jolted back to the reality we all know. Perhaps this is my true issue with summer, it is a short lived aphrodisiac, it entices you to come and play and then exits without a goodnight kiss. It seduces you to believe that life can be so carefree and without worries forever.

Yet, before you know it the leaves will begin to change color, the air will become crisp, and you will awaken from your summer like trance to realize autumn is upon you. Until then I plan to soak up all I can of these magical summer nights and to cherish the season with good company and I encourage you to do the same.

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