Monday, April 19, 2010

beautiful and bubbly

So it brings me great pleasure to introduce you to my new favorite libation...Sofia Coppola.  It is nothing but a delightful can full of effervescence, which bubbles over with joy. It is crisp with a taste of  sweet pear and a hint of honey. It comes in this marvelously magenta can and once you pop the tab you will find that it is everything you could ever hope for from a can of champagne- beautiful and bubbly.

 Now this drink was made for the young at heart, because included with every can is a bendy straw; as if you could stow it along with your Snack Pak for lunch or something. Yet, perhaps what I love most about Sofia is that I have it on an occasion. Some might find this pretentious, but I just see it as honest. Champagne has been marketed as only being appropriate for the celebrations of life, the golden moments. Yet, I have been reminded over the last year that life is worth celebrating everyday. Therefore, I pop the tab, lift my can, and sip my Sofia, and smile because it is a good day.

I find it hilarious that a little ol' can of pink goodness can touch me on such an existentially deep level.  I think it is safe to say that most people look forward to the celebrations of life. The weddings, the bar mitzvahs, and birth of children all highlight some of the new chapters in people's life which people find appropriate to clank their glasses and drink to. Yet, we often neglect all those days in between the ones that make up the majority of our existence. Where would be without them? The more I ponder the significance of these days the more I come to cherish them. It is within the ordinary day that I hope you will look to find something magically wonderful.  If more people looked for a reason to celebrate each day, I believe that the monotony of everyday life would dissipate. Not only would we be happier people, but it also would be easier for us to see the beauty that surrounds us daily.

More importantly I have learned that I tend to find enjoyment out of the most benign and ordinary things in life. As you can imagine, champagne in a can was a really great day for me.  In general, I tend to see the glass half full at all times, and sometimes 3/4 full.  Which at times I am sure can be obnoxious to my fellow 1/2 emptiers, but that is just the way I am programmed.  Trust me I know the fears that plague us. The worries of never being good enough, pretty enough, smart enough,  successful enough, and whether we are worthy of happiness.  The list goes on and on. However, lately I have been trying to convince myself that those things don't cultivate happiness.  Happiness lies in the little things; the random Hello on the street, the smile on the sidewalk, and card in the mail. It's in the mundane everyday tasks that we do. Most things in life are simple, and happiness is no different.

Life was meant to be like champagne-beautiful and bubbly. Yes, we all have been handed different lots in life.  Yet, regardless I think that everyone has the capability of creating a masterpiece for their own lives. It is inevitable that we all will have our disappointments along the way, but it is the way that we respond that makes all the difference. Thus this week pick up a bottle of champagne, pop it, and celebrate just another ordinary day.


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Rachel said...

I have this feeling that you're going to write the best personal statement ever in a few months. I hope you'll post it for followers enjoyment Or at the very least..I'll share mine if you share yours ;)