Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fabulous February

So as many of you know I have been on my surgery block for the last 4 months. While in all honesty, I find something tantalizing about the world of surgery; its all about cutting, creating, and making someone happy, and beautiful again which are all things I enjoy. The problem, however, is that in these past 4 months I feel that I have been worn down by the 3:45 AM mornings and late nights. And although I am a huge proponent of loving life, I feel that some of the things I cherish most these past months have been stripped from my little paws. Thus in attempt to redeem these 4 months of deprivation, I literally intend to dedicate the entire month of February to me. 

While this might sound selfish to some, it really is about self-preservation.  The bits and pieces of the person that I am are highly influenced by my environment and my inner feng shui. Thankfully, I am on my research elective in plastic surgery, which equivocates to chart reviews and lots of free time. In this month I plan to indulge in myself.  The way I figure is that since I have no man in my life bringing me flowers, chocolate, and making me dinner I will just have to do it for myself instead.

One of my friends and I joked that my twenties love life could really just equivocate to me dating myself. So since this month is dedicated to couples and love, I encourage you, married, dating, or single to really hone into the most important kind of love... self-love.

I am highly intrigued how my friends see me so differently than I see myself? How can we be so confident in some areas of our lives, but yet so meek and unsure in others? Trust me, I am far from a self-lover, but I will have to say that I am a work in progress, but in a way aren't we all. Thus this month I will be incorporating some of the very things I need and love to restore my inner zen. 

On the top of the list of things to do is yoga. I know some people think it is voo-doo magic but I am here to tell you all that breathing and stretching does something to my inner soul. I am so ready to put the books of anatomy and Pre-test aside and dedicate my reading selection to books of enjoyment and People magazine of course. I will be creating delicious delicacies and having people over for wining, dining, and good old fashioned company. Currently  every weekend has a new brunch locale that my neighbor and I have been dying to try mapped out. And most importantly are my plans of reconnecting with friends and family who have been neglected by my incessant busyness and studies. I want to be adventurous, try new things, and go new places all within the span of 28 days. So my goal for the month is to document its fabulousness, and bring blogging back to my life for an entire month and hope that you too will follow.

Thus in the weeks to come, I hope that you too will dedicate some time to your own self-preservation and most importantly LOVE and appreciate YOU. Restore your inner zen and truly relish in how beautiful life truly is.

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