Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Paramount Idea

I have no idea where this year has actually gone.  School has engulfed me, leaving little time for things that I truly love like blogging. Thus this post is months overdue and really another ode to brunch,  one of my favorite meals of the day.  I just happened to be going over some old emails when I ran across this picture. I normally don't post pictures of myself since I am a non-photogenic person, but this one I had to post because it adequately reflects the joy I am experiencing at this moment.  You can mark this as the carbo loaded pancake fruit glow.

No in all seriousness, this picture was taken at Paramount, a little restaurant on my favorite street in Boston, Charles St. Not only was I in my favorite city, but I also was with one of my best friends since about the age of 12.  I have many happy thoughts about this visit as it came at  just the right point and time in my life.

There are many aspects to this restaurant that I appreciate. First and most importantly is their no saving seats mantra, one of my pet peeves of life.  As if elementary school wasn' t bad enough, the fear of not having a seat at the coveted "cool" table has been obliterated.   It is a sort of a cafeteria style, watch it while they cook it place. I don't know how they do it but serendipitously as you are paying for your food a table opens up. The place itself is in a tiny corner tucked away, quaint, and eclectic. Exposed brick and old school diner like feel give the venue an added charm. It radiates a warmth that is not found in many places and a long line that continues far past the front door.  The smells of roasting coffee permeates the air while the sounds of a nearby newspaper rustling in your ear is like a harmonious melody.

I absolutely adored my dining experience, but perhaps more importantly the company I shared. I believe that in a  greater sense brunch is this magical time where you catch up on all the things that are going on while life is happening.  It is a pause, a refresher, and better yet a life saver when the weight of life is dragging you down. I feel that brunch has brought this added sanity to my life a time to cut up, shut up, and actually listen to the people around me. Thus I encourage you to endulge and experience the loveliness, which can only be called Brunch.


Meghan Pasicznyk said...

I heart Paramount. We had an amazing hangover brunch there in March :)

Sarah Cap said...

Darling- don't know why but I just saw this blog post! Apparently, I have not been getting my little notification when you post a new one! Anyways, what a beautiful strain of thoughts. You're wonderful and brunch with you is always an absolute 110% pleasure. LOVE YOU, JP!!