Monday, January 19, 2009

How Jen found her Zen

Ok, so one of my recent developments in the new year is the fact that I have become a bonafide yogi. While I have dabbled in the art in the past, I decided now more then ever I need to as some might say " find my Chi". So in the hopes of exploring this mysterious world and ancient practice, I have begun frequenting a local studio in town 2-3 times a week. Now if you know me you would be keenly aware that my flexibility resembles that of dry spaghetti so ever class is an entertainment for onlookers. I also am the type of person who likes to for the lack of better words "to feel the burn" so I was hesitant about yoga in the beginning. Yet, what I have discovered is that I sweat like a horse and always walk out feeling like someone has given me a swift kick to my rumpkcus.

In all honesty I have become nothing short of another barnyard animal from positions like downward dog, crow, cobra, cow, and cat I am ready to contort my body into as many interesting animal positions as I can. ( Ok so maybe cobra is not your normal barnyard animal) I am also fascinated by all the heavy breathing that goes on around me. There is a lot of talk about feeling the breath. What the heck does that mean? I sometimes feel like there is a pack of dogs all around me panting. Regardless, I have also found that if you get to class early you can claim your coveted mat position, which for your information is very important in the world of yoga. You see experienced students go to the front, thus what I am trying to say is I must claim my back row position with the aim of nothing else but self-preservation. Once this has occurred I begin the chatsky meet and greet with people around me. I am sure it is no surprise that this is one of my favorite parts about class; from young to old, male to female, or gay to straight the diversity that comes into this room is mind shattering. Ok men listen up this is for you. So yoga is not just for women these days, there is some beautiful eye candy that populate this class which one reason I always enjoy the experience.

All jokes aside, I do have to give these yogi gurus some love. In the time that I have been attending class I have experienced nothing short of peace and tranquility. The next day my musculos are always sore and honestly I can tell a difference in my body physique. To make a long story short --I heart yoga. It has opened up a challenging new world for me. It truly is a personal practice that makes you color outside the lines and do things you never thought you could do...just trust me. Thus go out there and find your zen, grab a mat, and bend like a human pretzel, I promise you too will find your inner chi....whatever that might mean.

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Sarah Butler said...

two posts in one day! such a treat! :)

jen, this makes me want to go to yoga! i might start again this week because of you.

sorry we kept missing each other this weekend, i will try again today!