Friday, January 23, 2009

Brunch is a Beautiful Thing

Hands down without a doubt Brunch is quite possibly the most perfect meal. While I am a morning person by trade, there is nothing in the world to me like sleeping in, rolling out of bed, slipping on your favorite pair of jeans, grabbing the NY times, and scrambling to my favorite brunch locale. I am a firm believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it is even better when you have the fusion of breakfast and lunch. The idea is ingenious; combining two meals into one vanishes all guilt that one might of experienced from over indulgence. Whether you dig a great egg or delight in the perfect pancake, the menu is endless. I also know that many a great brunches have been experienced after nights of numerous libations. Thus the best fix for that morning after buzz is none other than the oh so sensational mimosa. The splash of orange juice and champagne is the ultimate tummy tamer.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the brunch experience is the company you keep. Now don't get me wrong aesthetics have a huge impact on your dining soiree, but the friends or guy you have tag along can make or break the deal. I am for the lack of a better term a chatter, thus I require company that can keep up with my euro style long meals and conversation. The next important feature is the time of arrival and the kind of grub you dig. Are you a greasy egg Waffle and Steak type or the more eclectic local smockal? I tend to gravitate to local venues that offer a menu full of flair and excitement. Dining time can be tricky, with limited seating you either need to place a reservation or be prepared to wait in line. Patience is not my virtue so ...just make a reservation.

I truly believe that some of my most stimulating conversations with friends have been spent over brunch. From politics to art, brunch allows for an array of intellectual genres to be explored that cannot always be tackled on a normal evening date. Quite honestly men, brunch might just be the perfect date. I know that I and many of my female cohorts would agree full heartily with this statement. Regardless of who you are with, I have two requirements for you. One is that while you are there you take in the beauty of the people around you. The joy the smiles that are being shared over a cup of coffee and some late morning eggs. Lastly, my pet peeve of life- leaving the appropriate tip. As a former Cracker Barrel waitress I know how lousy it feels to be a server of breakfast and be given a dollar in pennies. Thus be generous, for the phenomenal brunch you have just experienced.

While my only hope is that I will see you Sunday for brunch, I ask that you give brunch a chance. If you know me, I love to travel and I make it a point to go to great brunch spots wherever I go so I have compiled a list for you, wherever you might live. Enjoy

Chicago: Toast
746 W Webster Ave Chicago, IL 60614

1746 N Wells St Chicago, IL 60614
(312) 337-2454

Boston: Panificio

Maine: Chase's Daily
96 Main St Belfast, ME 04915
(207) 338-0555

Zoot Coffeehouse

Portland, OR:
Byways Cafe

Indianapolis: Cafe Patachou

Three Sisters Cafe


San Francisco: Mama's

Philadelphia: Morning Glory

**So my friend and I were told to go here because they make their own ketchup....the woman described this condiment as orgasmic...... which as far as adjectives go we couldn't resist and it really is not that far off.


Uptown Cafe

Runciple Spoon


La said...

thank you for your beautiful ode to brunch. i must say, our brunch at morning glory in philly was truly one of my favorite brunch memories ever. you must visit me in denver and i will take you to snooze. you will love it.

Jen Pasko said...


So great to hear from you....Actually morning glory is one of my favorite memories too! I would be more than delighted to visit you....Your away message makes it seem like you are a real snow bunny....hope you are loving OB...Will chat soon.

Sarah Butler said...

i would like to add 'olea' and 'beast ' in brooklyn and 'hundred acres' in manhattan to the mix.

i. love. brunch.

Jen Pasko said...

I can dream of nothing more than having a scrumptious brunch in brooklyn with you....oh me oh my

Patrick and Elizabeth said...

I would like to add Snooze if ever in Denver