Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fabulously Flawed

It is true. No one can escape the fact that we all are fabulously flawed, we all have these obnoxious and perhaps endearing defects to our character. While some would be distraught to learn of this shocking info, I take it with stride and know that in some ways these are the things that separate us from the norm and make us all the more alluring and interesting.

One of my friends and I were talking the other night about expectations and what it is that can make a person who has been pursuing another for so long in a matter of days realize that they had been mistaken. I like to believe that often times we fabricate these perfect images within our heads of the people we want to pursue, date, and perhaps marry. You know what I am talking about, the guy who opens the car door for you, says please and thank you, and is infatuated by you and only you. It is only when we begin to spend time with one another, that we become blatantly aware of others shortcomings. That he no longer opens the car door, he forgets the meaning of please, and his infatuation for you is now mirroring that of his favorite sports team. While some can handle the fact that no one will be perfect that no one will fulfill the pristine image that they have created in their dreams, others can't handle the fact that in their mind the person they envisioned will never live up to their great expectations. They are tragically flawed like the characters of a great novel. Yet, I like to believe that it is only through these blemishes that we realize the characteristics that truly define who we are and give us a unique quality that no one else has.

It's not just in relationships its infiltrated in to every aspect of our lives. All I have to do is open up the recent headlines of the daily newspapers and I will find smatterings about all the flawed people and events in the world. While I believe flaws can show our individuality, I also begin to wonder if human flaws are really not just an avenue to highlight the humanity that resides within us all. Let's take for example, President-elect Barack "Star" Obama who has publicly and openly admitted to his struggle with cigarette cessation and his multiple attempts at kicking the nasty habit. Even Oprah Winfery has publically acknowledged that she has fallen off the weight-loss band wagon and now weighs 200 lbs. Why is that we secretly feel more connected to these people when we see them through a not so perfect light? Is their something in us all that relates to the imperfections of others?

I feel that it is only when we are cognizant of our character defects, that we will be able to recognize the things that make us different and the things that can hold us back. Thus after much personal reflection, I have developed a running tally and in no way a comprehensive list of the faux pas that define me. It is through this pastiche of traits that I hope you will realize that while your flaws are individually distinct in many ways we are not all that different.

To begin on the brigade of flaws, I would like to start with the fact that I am a 25 year old stuck in the 1900's in technology and advancements. I have a 7 year-old laptop which resembles a small brick accompanied by the biggest battery pack known to man. I pay for Internet monthly yet I don't recieve the services, but I keep paying for it. Now some of you will think I am indolent for not addressing this issue, but this is yet another fabulous flaw of mine...confrontation. I avoid altercations and any form of disgruntled friends like the plague. I instead like to approach life with (at times I am sure overbearing) joy even at 7 am in the morning. I can't go to bed without flossing my teeth and brushing my pearly whites which is due to a childhood night terror about Mr. Decay obliterating my teeth. I love alliteration and try to use it as much as I can in daily life (ex. Fabulously Flawed). To be honest I hate looking in the mirror because I never like the reflection that is thrown back ever wrinkle, lump, bump I find as a glaring imperfection portrayed to others. My patience is something of what I call non-existent and I show that by twirling one of the curls on the right side of my head continuously. And let's be honest I always have room for one more glass of wine.

While these are just a few of those flaws that I am willing to own up to, I hope that you to will stop and think about those imperfections that personally define you, but at the same time connect us to one another. Thus fess up to the flaws, embrace them, and delight in the fact that being Fabulously Flawed allows you, like the other characters of novels, to be the heroine of your own story.

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I'm catching up on this blogging situation you have come to enjoy. Thanks for this post ! It was perfect this morning.