Tuesday, November 25, 2008

There is no need to be frumpy....

It is unfortunate that I have had to become an online style stalker. You see I truly believe that there is some reward in going to the mall hunting down your purchase and trying it on. For me it is the reassurance that I am getting my money's worth and that it fits the contours of my body in just the right way and that it is worth the swipe of my debit card. Yet recently the demands of medical school have been interfering with my savvy shopping, and I have been experiencing bonafide withdrawals from shopping... some might call it an addiction, I like to refer to it as a form of self-expression. I often ponder where I gained this passion that has kept me up many of nights perusing through websites or checking out the latest Style magazine and then I realized that I had many years of training as a Fashionista. I would like to blame it on my mother who from an early age would dress me in the most stylish of children's apparel and place me in my stroller as we would begin to embark on a day of mother daughter bonding...Shopping. We were a team my mother and I as we would traverse the malls for hours. I have heard stories about how much I loved these retreats as my mother would push, I would smile with glee as I stuck my little paws out of the stroller and touched every article of clothing that passed by. Little did my mother know that she had a fashionista in training on board. It was here in that stroller that I had my first exposures to the rich cashmeres, the silks, and warm wools that populate my closet today.

Yet, even today I find that style gives us more than articles of clothing to cover our bod, but is a form of expression about the way we feel about ourselves. I have many mantras in my life and one of them is Dress for success. It is a factoid that I do better on tests when I look prepared and professional. While many of my friends can pull the sweatpants, side pony just stumbled out of bed look, I can't. Now don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with sweatpants, I am just indicating the way I feel about myself when I try to perform this look...frumpy. There are many things I have vowed to in life and one of them is to never be Frumpy McFrumperson.

One of my best friends and I laugh as we think about the future, and we have promised each other to never be victims of frump. While she lives in New York the capital of style and glam and I in the dashingly stylish state of Indiana (hahaha geez louise) we converse about the day when Anthropology and Manolos will populate our closets. Even though our individual style is different where she has this mad style that is a mixture of bohemian -art galleria elegance and I have this Jackie O wanna be eighties vibe we both concur that the idea of losing our sense of style would be a travesty to our souls.

However,"to each be there own", and if you are thinking that I am crazy mad that is fine. Yet, as sad as it may be I do believe that as a society we are perceived by the way we look. This is why I encourage you to embrace your own style and develop it. Let it flourish and prosper.You are never to young or to old because the best thing about style is that it resurrects the timeless beauty of every woman. And honesty ask yourself is there any reason to be frumpy............

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Sarah Butler said...

amen, sister.

bohemian-art-gallerina is EXACTLY who i aim to be! love it.