Monday, November 3, 2008

Coloring inside the lines

I think coloring was probably one of my favorite activities growing up. I could color anywhere or anytime. I don't know what it was about coloring, perhaps it is the copious amount of color provided from that one beautiful Crayola box, or maybe just colors like neon orange, macaroni and cheese, and purple pizazz that would get my creative juices flowing. Regardless, I would sit so jubilantly crayola poised in hand ready to create a masterpiece always careful to never encroach across that dark line. I was meticulous in the way I colored. Perfecting every solid color and mastering the art of staying within the lines. In preschool I even insisted that my mother write a note so that I would be allowed to use the small crayons even though my classmates had to use the bigger crayons. I told my mother that I could have more accuracy and control with small crayons, by in large creating a more perfect crayola smudge.

It would not surprise you then that for much of my life I was one of those people who refused to step out of the comfort zone or traverse the lines. I led a life that strived for perfection and playing by the rules. It has only been recently that I discovered how beautiful it is to live a life outside the lines. I feel that most things we choose not to do or experience are done out of fear. While fear can be paralyzing, I realized how scintillating and exciting spontaneity in life can be. Since this revelation I am determined to live a life that colors with all the crayons in the coloring box. I want to experience, travel, and delight in the things of life that truly matter. I want to drink and enjoy great libations. I want to take chances and put myself out there. I want the beauty of the world to embrace my every step. I want to see the good in every person and creature. I want to believe that each ordinary day has the potential to be extraordinary. I want escape from the insecurities that hold me back. And mostly, I want to share with you the joy and happiness that awaits for you just outside the line.

Therefore I encourage you today to leave your paint by number projects in the closet and instead create your own Picasso wherever you go.


Koms said...

JP--love the blog. I have so much to say about it.

Sarah Butler said...

ummmmmmm... yes please. picasso over paint-by-numbers. jennifer, you took the words right out of my mouth. much to say...