Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It is snowing in Portland today, not just snow flakes but snow chunks are falling from the sky. It reminds me of something magical as if I am sitting in my own snow globe at work. While I should be studying or reading the latest journal article on liver cirrhosis, I am instead  sitting in my office cubical waiting for my next patient and feeling moved to write a  blog about those glorious flakes of white.
 Besides being amazingly beautiful, the snow reminds me of new beginnings. It is fresh, cooling, and something about it makes me want to curl up next to the fire with a warm cup of cocoa. There is something in its purity that leaves me fresh and renewed. Perhaps this is the panacea we all need right now.

I have been overwhelmed with sadness and grief over the last couple of weeks tragedies. It truly shakes my soul to the core, to read the paper or to watch the television as the pictures of the innocent children fill the screen. I live in Oregon, and approximately 1 month ago I had no idea where Clackamas was, and now I and the entire country does. I often find myself asking why do bad things happen? There is no answer. I think the thing about tragedy in the darkest of moments is the ability to see what good can come from these situations. It is in the aftermath, that rebuilding and healing can occur. While I am less concerned about my constitutional rights to bear arms, I hope that true work is being made on gun policy. I hope that we are having a frank discussions about mental illness in this country.  I hope that we will find peace in the light of tragedy. I hope that we are able to see the snow, in the dark of night.

I still believe in the innate goodness of people. I believe that this is a place I want to have children. I believe that this is a place I want to grow old and wear big hats. I believe that beauty surrounds me daily. I believe that love will prevail. I believe in forgiveness and rebuilding. 

Let it Snow!

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