Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Seasons of Change

There is something magical about the first days of spring. The daffodils make the thought of winter seem like nothing but a lost memory, and the sunshine is a warm reminder of good things to come in the months ahead.  Inhaling the warm spring breeze, is as intoxicating as a weekend night during your college days. People pour out of their houses and any nook and cranny that they have been hibernating in. There is laughter, smiles, and an energy that is palpable. Yet despite the beauty of the moment, I still can't help but wonder what the months to come have in store. Why is that I have such a hard time enjoying the now, are we not always thinking and planning for the future?

There is this fabulous magnolia tree that I have run by every day this week. It actually has become the highlight of my runs. Each day I observe its new buds and blossoms. The tree's white flowers have this antiquated elegance which mesmerizes me.  It is a constant reminder of strength and resilience. It has survived the cold and bitter winter and in the mean time has still managed to maintain its beautiful composure. I sometimes wonder if the many storms I weather, the disappointments and sorrows, will still allow me to emerge as pristine and put together as my magnolia.

The thing that I keep reminding myself is that life is beautiful. I have been given this small amount of time  to run the gamut of emotions- to feel, to love, to be disappointed, to be heartbroken, to be passionate, and to just live. While my mind is constantly racing about what I need to do this week, next month, and a year from now, I have realized that there is something so serene and fulfilling about the here and now. The people I surround myself with are intimate players in this moment. They are my partners in crime and the co-authors of many memorable nights to come. I often wish my friends could see themselves the way I do, because if they did they would see just how gorgeous they were and realize that many of their worries about the future are unnecessary.

Thus in the weeks to come I encourage you, to take in the now. Take in the daffodils, the tulips, and the magnolia. Breathe deeply and have faith that just as the magnolia survives each brutal winter, so will you . 


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