Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dish and Gab

So I have been talking for weeks about Devour Downtown and tonight I finally had the opportunity to partake in its delight. Devour Downtown is a promotional event for the restaurants in the city to showcase a set dinner menu to allow patrons the opportunity to try their restaurant without breaking the bank. However tonight despite the absolutely delicious dinner, I think I  was more excited by the fact that I was in good company. One of my very best friends from since the time when we were playing with Barbies on the living room floor dined with me this evening. 

I think one of the most refreshing aspects of good friends is the fact that you can go for weeks, months, and even years without speaking, but somehow you can always start off where you left off. It reminds me of one of my favorite episodes from Sex in the City where Carrie talks about the "nook." The place somewhere between the armpit and the clavicle of your guy where your head just seems to belong. It is a comfortable, safe,  and  a familiar place.  And I guess I just find something familiar and right about spending time with someone who has seen you grow into the woman you are today.

Thus, as we slid into the booth of the newly renovated Scholars Inn  we began our dish and gab session. While the food was phenomenal, I believe it was the company that warmed my soul. We discussed the universal topics among women- life, love, and our pursuit of happiness. I just couldn't help this overwhelming sense of happiness for the person, whom I have known for what seems like a lifetime. I think one of the most life changing things that I have learned in the last couple of years is to delight in the successes of others, because like most things in life, your time will come. Trust me it is no easy task, often times you want to think, why not me? or why doesn't that happen to me?  But as I listened to the blessings and accomplishments of my friend I couldn't help but feel this sense of inexplicable joy. She has grown into a gorgeous woman, with a successful job, and a man who loves her. It's the sort of things little girls lay in bed at night talking and dreaming about long after their parents have told them to go to bed. It is so crazy that our childhood hopes and dreams are coming true.

Thus as we were polishing off our delectable desserts, I think we both loved the fact that we had each brought something new to the table for one another. It wasn't a gift you could open, but rather a new opportunity or experience I would have never known about unless we would have had our little dish and gab session. In life I think that this is true with most people, I believe everyone has something to give, to share, or to offer us that we could never discovered on our own.

Thus this week I encourage you to catch up with an old friend.  Drink, eat, and be merry. Delight in the successes of others and don't be afraid to allow others to introduce you to a new facet of life. In return, I think you will find contentment with your own life, love, and pursuit of happiness.  Enjoy!


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