Sunday, October 25, 2009

Iron Chef Indianapolis

I have now been working in the hospitals for 5 months and what I have learned in this time is a world about medicine and a whole lot more about people. I have realized that every hospitalized person watches the Food network. I am still not sure if it is because hospital food is that repulsive or if the food network is really just that popular. Thus, you can imagine my excitement when I learned of a party that was centered around this very subject.

I first heard about this event about a year ago, my best friend who is in dental school had told me of a party that one of her colleagues had creatively crafted called Iron Chef Indianapolis. As I listened to details of the evening, I realized I had to be able to participate in the next soiree. Thus this weekend I felt like Charlie from chocolate factory as I had found my very own golden ticket to the dental event. The host had an intricate game plan which of course included the "secret ingredient" as well as each teams own cooking device. From the George Forman to toaster oven, all sorts of cooking paraphernalia was present. 

While I was casually late to the event, the cook off had already begun to my dismay. The secret ingredient of the night was the fresh, citrus delight none other than the lemon.  Each group consisted of two to three people who were in charge of a specific dish from appetizers to dessert all courses were covered.  While my tardiness prevented me from tasting these delicacies I know that the dishes ranged from the zesty lemon salsa to the savory sweet lemon raspberry compote.  The winners were given the lovely gift of Miller High Life champagne! (Which was a new one for me)

What I am sure of is that my creative Rt sided brain was definitely stimulated by this unique and ingenious gathering. I felt inspired and truly grateful that I had attended. I tend to rank social functions by the following-- good people, savory  food, and plentiful libations, all of which went well beyond my expectations. 

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Koms said...

JP i have been wanting to have an iron chef competition for a very long time with people--friends, classmates, strangers---whomever. We'll have to speak about this event more so I can research a bit for the future---I am an iron chef, but first i must acquire an ice cream maker.