Sunday, February 8, 2009

Val Pals?

I am dedicating this post to the quickly approaching holiday of Valentine's Day. Regardless of whether you are single, married, or dating I believe this is a holiday that should be celebrated by all. While we all may celebrate it in different ways, my hope of this post is to share with both men and women alike some tips to truly making this love struck holiday a success.

To all my male friends I just want to share with you some pearls of wisdom. You see while I can only speak for myself, I am a woman and I do have some advice for you on the things NOT to do on Valentine's Day. I know you are going to think I am crazy but do not be lured by the media and V-day multiple aisles full of Valentine's paraphernalia. You believe that because everyone gets flowers and chocolate for there girlfriend you should too. NO, If Jim Jones told you to drink the Kool-Aid would you? Let me tell you what I would think of if a guy got me flowers. Oh, this is a symbol of his love for me beautiful now but in a week they will be dead. Is he trying to tell me something? Quite possibly the worst gift I could ever receive would be chocolate. While most women are conscious about their weight, I would feel guilty about not eating a piece and then I would hate you tomorrow for making me feel fat. So in honesty I would steer clear from these over popularized gifts. I would encourage you to be creative and inventive, we love feeling special.

What women really want is a man who can think. I am telling you it is one of the sexiest and most alluring traits a man could possess. For example, on my escapades to Florence, Italy I went to see the David. While everyone else is taking in this masterpiece and the perfection of his naked body all I could look at was the pondering look on his face as he looked over his shoulder. All I wanted to know is what Michelangelo had in mind when he put him in that position, What was he supposed to be thinking about? Regardless, a woman likes a well thought out plan. In my life currently I tend to make all the reservations, set the time, and decide when and where everything is going down. To actually have someone take care of all this planning would delight me in every way.

Thus men, I encourage you to think about what your gal-pal really likes. Does she like to dress up or is she casual? Does she like Italian or bistro style? Once you have thought about this you call and make the reservations and plan the entire evening. If you were thinking about creating your own masterpiece at home with a candlelight dinner for two, that's beautiful and go with it. Yet, part of the fun of having a lad on your arm is being able to show him off to others. It's is not like you are a pair of new shoes or something, but women we are a weird breed.If we were are honest we would tell you that we constantly compare ourselves to others, and thus it is our nature to want to show you off as our sidekick. If we are going on a date with you, we are proud to have you with us and want others to see you too.

Yet, even more important to your success is in the presentation. While I believe you should be a gentleman all the time, Valentine's Day etiquette is of utmost importance. This would include opening the car doors, pulling out the seat, and ordering for your date. While I have had some awful experiences in my life, one of them was with the date who ordered my entire meal for me without asking what I liked. Not only did this tonk me off, but he also was disappointed when he learned I didn't like meat and would not be eating the rather expensive entree.

While Valentine's Day may just be another day to you, in the eyes of a woman it is an important day. We primp and prepare for hours only to look gorgeous and beautiful. Thus, you too should compliment her on her hard work by saying things like you are gorgeous, you look amazing, ect. Now guys this is important. We have just spent hours preparing ourselves for this night so we want to stay looking just like we do when we leave the house. I once was invited to a dance by an older guy in high school. I remember how excited I was as I spent hours getting ready and working on my hair. If you don't know me, I have some voluminously big hair so taming the mane can be tricky. I can still see my father's face from the window as my date and I pulled away in his yellow mustang convertible. He was laughing hysterically because all of the sweat and tears I had put into my perfect hair-do was now a massive beehive blowing in the wind. While I understand it is February, we have been having some unexpectedly nice weather; enough to coax Hoosiers to ride around in their convertibles. If this is the case please be mindful of your date.

Yet how I couldn't forget all my single ladies. I want to encourage you to get out there and embrace your singledom. My most memorable Valentine's days have been spent with a bottle of wine and great friends. Valentine's day is a holiday to honor love; whether it is people, places, or things. Yet, I always tell my friends who are forlorn and glum about not being attached during this holiday the real story of Valentine's Day. It is about St. Valentino who after being refused by his mistress was so distraught he plunged a dagger in his heart and then sent it to his mistress still beating as a symbol of his undying passion and love. I then try to reassure them that we do not need these types of unstable men in our lives. Single ladies everywhere should be making reservations to some of the best venues in town. I encourage you to pamper yourself and splurge. If dinner isn't really your thing then hit the movies, but I beg you please please don't stay at home. While I haven't decided which Bloomington venue I will be gracing I can tell you I will be there in style with a beverage in my hand. I believe an evening full of laughter and friends is some of the best time spent.

Thus as an ode to Valentine's day I encourage you to be spontaneous and creative and grab your Val- Pals and have a "Dang" good time!


Sarah Butler said...

jennifer, i love this post. one of my favorite valentines days was our blizzard snow day that we dug ourselves out to hit the town in style.

adam and allie were making dinner at home while sarah and jen headed out on the town in STYLE. so much fun.

so glad you are embracing this joyous holiday!!!

Sarah Butler said...

also: you should change your photo to your HOT doctor one. i love that photo.